Preventing Static Cling

Static Cling

We get asked all the time how you can prevent static cling in your clothes. Everyone thinks dryer sheets help, but did you know removing the plastic bag from your dry cleaning can help?

Winter weather systems with cold weather cause static cling.  What seems unnecessary during warm weather becomes very useful in cold weather.  To prevent static cling, please consider the following

  1. After a wash cycle, separate the natural and synthetic fabrics during the tumble dry cycle. This prevents them from rubbing together and creating static electricity
  2. Adding a fabric softener during the dry cycle prevents static cling. 
  3. Washing outfits that have natural fibers and synthetic fibers together should be avoided. Then the drying process will not have them together.
  4. Remove clothing from the dryer and move a wire hanger up and down the clothes a couple of times. Static electricity will be removed to the hanger.
  5. Choose leather-soled shoes instead of rubber-soled ones because leather creates a ground, which allows electricity to flow through your body to the ground.
  6. Hairspray works to stop static cling. Spray it directly under the affected area, shake it out a few times, and the static electricity will be gone.

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