Price Does Not Equal Cost

Comparing Dry Cleaners

Your clothing not only determines how others see you, but how you see yourself, and therefore, choosing the right dry cleaner is very important. Furthermore, you may be tempted to select your dry cleaner based on prices, but the least expensive isn’t always the lowest “cost”. When comparing and selecting a dry cleaner you should consider:

  • Peace of Mind. A quality-minded dry cleaner will stand behind their work, no questions asked.
  • Quality. Standard pricing at a high-end or couture dry cleaners includes hand-finishing; free minor repairs and button replacement, and an extensive final inspection to ensure consistent quality results every time.
  • Convenience. Look for a dry cleaner that offers complimentary pickup and delivery service – saving you gas and time. Alternatively, select a store with a drive-through or ample parking.
  • Knowledge. High-end dry cleaners pride themselves on having experienced, trained staff, and readily invest in the proper machines and supplies that make your clothes look their best.
  • Protecting Your Investment. Let’s face it, clothes can be expensive. A higher-end cleaner will use premium solvents and processes that are gentle on your fabrics, making your clothes last longer.
  • Time Savings. Couture cleaners frequently offer additional services like professional tailoring; shoe cleaning and repair; fur cleaning and storage; and Oriental rug cleaning. These services add value and enable you to make one stop for all those errands!
  • The Environment. Make sure you ask what they are doing to be green. This includes using environmentally-safe solvents, recycling hangers, and poly bags.
  • Community Involvement. Look for a dry cleaner that supports your local community through charitable activities and sponsorship of local events.

Finding the Best Cleaners

When comparing dry cleaners, comparing prices alone is not enough. In addition, consider elements like quality, expertise, location, and service to find the right dry cleaner for you. Finally, when you find the right cleaner, like Bibbentuckers, you can rest assured that your wardrobe, and your image, will be in good hands.