Being Green

“For the last seven years, we have been recycling Bibbentuckers plastic garment bags.  100% of the plastic bags FabriClean Supply collects are sent to a recycler” says Trevor Hericks of FabriClean Supply * at their Dallas warehouse. FabriClean Supply is the largest distributor of dry cleaning and laundry supplies in the U.S. 

We are now going further in our recycling efforts. All front facing supplies that our customers see and use in their care of garments will be recycled. From the boxboard that holds up your dress or the shoulders of a suit to the paper that covers the hanger and to the hanger itself – all will be sent to Recycle Revolution Dallas to be recycled and reused. We already re-use hangers but instead of throwing them along with the paper/tissue in the City of Dallas dumpsters, we send them to be recycled into new items. We include tissue, paper, cardboard, hangers, and plastic garment bags in this process.


Both of our stores located in Dallas proper (Uptown and Preston/Forest) will be participating. Our two stores in University Park will be working within their current recycling program.

Both of our Preston Center and Snider Plaza locations have the recycling containers.  

This year in Dallas we have the Earth Day festivities at Fair Park. We are aiming to help go green in our stores too! 

Please let us help you and our city by going green. Please re-use your original Bibbentuckers plastic garment bags, the tissue, paper, and boxboard/carton by bringing it to us. Our Route Managers will also have special containers in their trucks to collect your hangers and tissue/plastics in their normal scheduled pick-ups and delivery.

Finally, in our quest to keep #MakingLifeEasier we launched our “Customer Connect” app. You can download the app from the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. Once you signup, managing your Concierge services is easy at home, or on the go!