Spring Cleaning Time – Washer and Dryer

Spring is here, and therefore, it is Spring Cleaning Time.  For many, Spring Cleaning means putting the winter clothes away, getting the summer clothes out again, and cleaning the house.  Often times, one forgets that their appliances need some Spring Cleaning attention as well. Your washer and dryer are two of the most used machines in your household, so it’s time to provide some TLC?

Not only does cleaning your appliances keep them pristine, but it also helps them to run more efficiently and effectively.  Oh, it also saves money on electric bills and prevents safety hazards.

Normally, you are reading this blog and thinking, wow, it’s Spring Cleaning Time and years have gone by since I cleaned my washer and Dryer.  If this is true, the following tips will keep them looking and performing their best.

  • Soak and scrub the bleach and fabric softener wells.
  • The area under the washing machine needs to be cleaned. Use a brush or old toothbrush to clean those areas – especially the seal or gasket.
  • The inside of the washing machine needs to be cleaned. The best way to do this is to run the machine with no clothing on hot, full for a long period.  Add a bit of vinegar to the water.
  • Remove the dryer’s lint trap and soak it in hot water.
  • Unplug the dryer and move it away from the wall. Disconnect the exhaust hose/pipe from the back of the machine.  Now get the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the exhaust hose/pipe, the exhaust area of the machine to get every bit of link.  Then vacuum and maybe wash the floor behind and underneath the dryer.  Finally, reattach the exhaust system.
  • The next step is to inspect the inside of the dryer for fabric, strings, buttons, and debris that should not be there. Then using an all-purpose cleaner wipe the inside of your dryer down to remove any and all dirt and grime.
  • Inspect your dryer’s hoses and exhaust vents for signs of wear and additional lint. Don’t forget about the vent on the residence.  That needs to be vacuumed as well to remove excess lint.
  • With the cleaning finished, the inspection of hoses is required to observe any leaking. If there are no leaks there is just one more thing to do.
  • Clean and disinfect knobs, dials, and buttons.


Taking care of your washer and dryer is an everyday duty.  Always clean the lint trap before drying and always leave the lid or door of your washing machine open after washing.