Oriental Rug Cleaning Dallas

oriental rug cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning From Bibbentuckers

Your Oriental rugs represent a significant investment and are a focal point of your home’s decor. Bibbentuckers takes the greatest care to ensure that your Persian and Oriental Rug Cleaning is done to perfection, and therefore, ready to reflect your home’s style.

Cleaning Processes

Based on the cleaning needed, we use different techniques to clean your Oriental Rugs. The following outlines our process:

  • Bibbentuckers will Pick up your Rug and bring it to our facility.
  • Then trained experts examine your Rug to determine what cleaning service will be employed.
  • Vacuuming will take place to remove embedded dirt, small stones, dust, allergens, and grit.
  • Based on the oriental rug’s fabric, delicacy and fragility, hand washing commences. Our Hand Washing is safe for the most fragile and delicate rugs. We pay special attention to the fringes.
  • A thorough rinse completely removes contaminants, soap, and water.
  • Prior to drying, the pile becomes set by meticulously brushing each rug
  • Then after using proven safe methods to remove water, the drying process occurs
  • Care and attention to detail will restore look and luster of your rug.
  • Our experts will remove stains using environmentally safe chemicals.
  • We will provide custom cut padding if required.
  • Finally, the rug will be brushed and vacuumed again.

Call us from Dallas, Plano, Southlake or the surrounding communities, and we will handle your rug cleaning needs.