Flying the American Flag

Flying the American Flag of our country shows respect. When flown, our nation’s flag should be perfectly clean. Luckily, our flags are not difficult to clean; be that as it may, challenges do happen.

Some banners and flags can be laundered, and we examine the texture, trims, and fabric to determine if laundering is appropriate. Cotton, polyester, nylon, fleece, and silk make up most American Flags.

Periphery trim, gold rope, tufts, appliquéd stars, and different embellishments might be made of plastic or metallic yarns. Care labels are generally are not found on banners; so cautious examination and testing are fundamental before cleaning. The quickest way to get your flag cleaned is to bring your banner or flag to us at Bibbentuckers. Our specialists will decide the best strategy to clean it.

Bibbentuckers Inspection

The following examination occurs before cleaning:

  • Amount of soil, filth, and grime on the flag or banner
  • Rips or tears
  • Breaks and wrinkles or puckering
  • Fraying of creases and edges
  • Fading from the light
  • Mold mildew
  • Moths or any type of bugs from storage
  • Tangled or broken periphery or decorations
  • Color bleeding

Pre-cleaning the American Flag

Prior to putting a Flag or banner in a cleaning solution, we test the colorfastness of the fabric and trim with the planned cleaning solution because of the chance of colors bleeding into other colors.  In the event that we get a flag or banner that is just a little dirty or the texture is delicate from age or light presentation, vacuuming might be the best technique to clean the article.  

To forestall unreasonable tangling, we secure the trim and decorations. We use ties, basting threads, or another fabric such as cheesecloth, socks, or knee-high leggings, which can hold dangling strings in place during the cleaning process.

We never utilize a drenching or complete immersion in the cleaning process on banners or flags made of felt.

Expulsion or releasing of Stains

If necessary, Bibbentuckers will treat stains and filthy area before cleaning.  Pre-spotting (spot cleaning) will be used if it does not affect colors.

Cleaning the American Flag

Cleaning might be the most affordable technique for cleaning the American Flag or banners. We typically utilize a short cleaning cycle contingent upon the stain types and amount of soiled or spotted areas.

Washing the American Flag

Numerous flags or banners can be laundered and this might be the best methods to clean the flag.  When we wash, we utilize the cycle prescribed by the manufacturer for the fabric and fiber type.


Most flags and banners can be presses on a utility press. This depends on the sewing of the stripes, whether it’s one piece or 50 strips sewn together. Many banner textures require steam to remove wrinkles.  

Sometimes we must use the hand iron to make a flag or banner look perfect. 

Final Presentation and Ready for Pick-up:

We fold flags and banners with no creases and place them in a box for safekeeping. For long term storage, we add tissue paper between folds. The boxes or storage containers ought to be stored in an area free of insects with no bugs, or dampness.


The Boy Scouts of America recently updated its guidelines on retiring used

Disposing of the American Flag

and worn-out American flags and they do not favor one method or the other for disposal.

The updated guidelines read: “We simply need to ask ourselves if the manner in which we are retiring (destroying) the flag is dignified. If the answer is yes, then that method is perfectly acceptable.”

In some areas, The Boy Scouts place a receptacle in a public place for the retirement of American Flags.  Here is a picture of such a box.