We Thank You

Christmas is considered to be one of the most joyous times of year, filled with festivities and gift giving. For Bibbentuckers, this is also a great time to show our appreciation for the loyalty and trust our customers have provided to us.

For most companies, Christmas is a season of higher volumes of sales and services. A mixture of the Christmas spirit and the desire to give. It’s also a great opportunity for relationship-building between businesses and customers.

While quality service and building relationships are a priority all through the year, the Christmas season presents a particular opportunity to say thanks and we appreciate your business.

During the Christmas Season, Bibbentuckers gives as well.  Bibbentuckers cares about donating to the charities it cares about to not only benefit the charities themselves, but it is a deeply rewarding experience.  We support the following Charities

Attitudes & Attire™

Attitudes & Attire™ is a nonprofit agency dedicated to promoting personal growth for women seeking self-sufficiency. Our programs provide the tools that raise self-esteem, promote ethics and build the confidence necessary to succeed in the workplace.

Christmas & the Cattle Baron’s Ball

Known as the world’s largest single-night fundraiser for cancer research through the American Cancer Society, the Dallas’ Cattle Baron’s Ball has raised nearly $47 million in 39 years in its ongoing pursuit for a cure for cancer.. 

Crystal Charity Ball

Since 1952, the sole purpose of The Crystal Charity Ball has been to aid, support and make contributions to children’s charities in Dallas County.

Christmas & Giving

Finally, at Bibbentuckers, we believe that giving back is a critical component in supporting our community. Thank you for helping us give back!  For this Christmas season we wish to extend you our most sincere greetings and wish you enjoy the holidays