John Palms, Bibbentuckers’ President and CEO, shared with Capital One how Bibbentuckers recovered after the January 2008 large fire at their McKinney and Lemmon avenues location in Dallas, TX.  The Capital One article featured the Bibbentuckers Cleaners because of the fire and resurgence of the business.  The fire took place just nine months after the purchase of the business.  The rebuilding of the establishment and in overcoming adversity became the theme of the article.

Finally, from the very beginning, Bibbentuckers committed to accomplishing what it said it would.  Bibbentuckers remains dedicated to ensuring that the company addresses the smallest of details and this helps the company keep its big commitment — achieving the distinguished honor as the best dry cleaners and laundry in the Dallas area. 

Bibbentuckers believes that the customer comes first, and therefore, the company must always keep its promises and strive to accomplish the very best in everything it does.