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Bibbentuckers Team Assists With Fire Damaged Clothing

Monday, December 22, 2014

When Del Livingston's family was faced with a fire - one of the many items he had to deal with was all the smoke damage to his clothing. Additionally, he needed a place to store and sort them.

Check out Del's wonderful recommendation letter below:

Bibbentuckers Featured in Capital One's #SmallBizProud Series

Friday, May 16, 2014

We were recently featured in a Capital One program - featuring Small Businesses throughout the USA. 

John Palms, our President and CEO, shared how we recovered our business after a large fire that took place just nine months after it was purchased.

(click the image below to see the interview with John)

Giving Back with Bibbentuckers

Monday, November 04, 2013

Join Us in Giving Back

BuzzFree PROMises Dress & Tux Giveaway:  Suits, Tuxedos and Prom Dresses Needed

We are proud to announce our partnership with the BuzzFree PROMises Dress & Tux Giveaway to collect suits, tuxedos and dresses for deserving youth. This annual program provides dresses, tuxedos and suits free of charge to high school students who pledge to stay drug and alcohol free on prom night and beyond.

Drop off your donations TODAY at any of these BIbbentuckers' locations:

  • Plano Store
  • Dallas Commerce Store
  • Dallas Uptown Store
  • Hillcrest Store
  • NorthDallas Store
  • Southlake Store

If you would like more information on this worthwhile event please visit

We’re Growing: Bibbentuckers to Expand to Colleyville This Month

Friday, September 20, 2013

Last September, we opened our doors to serve the Southlake community. A year and hundreds of new customers later, we are pleased to announce the grand opening of our neighboring Colleyville location on Sept. 30.

More Than Just a Cleaners

We are thrilled to be a part of this community, and like our store in Southlake, our new location promises to deliver the same high-quality care for your couture dry cleaning that we provide at our other seven Dallas-Forth Worth locations. At Bibbentuckers, we go far beyond the basic cleaning of your clothes. Our Colleyville location will offer a wide variety of add-on services, including:

  • Shoe cleaning and repair
  • Purse cleaning and repair
  • Wedding dress cleaning and preservation
  • Alterations
  • Leather cleaning
  • Fur cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Household items cleaning

Don’t have time to swing into our store? That isn’t a problem. Bibbentuckers understands that our customers lead busy lives, so we don’t charge any additional fees for pickup and delivery – you’ll pay the same price as you would by bringing your clothes to us.

We also understand that clothes don’t always behave – snags and missing buttons are a given on delicate garments. When you bring your clothes to us, we perform a multi-point inspection on them, during which we’ll perform minor repairs for free. 

We Want To Meet You

Your clothes are an integral part of your image, and we get that. That’s why Bibbentuckers is committed to providing the best customer service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Whether you bring us 10 high-quality garments or one simple button down, we guarantee to treat your clothes with the highest level of care available and you, our customer, with the degree of respect you deserve.

We invite you to visit us in Colleyville and help us get to know you. Our new store is located at:

5505 Colleyville Blvd., Suite 220
Colleyville, TX 76034

Click here for our Colleyville Location Page

Top Dallas Dry Cleaner - Bibbentuckers Named in D Magazine Poll

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

After over 2.7 million votes were cast in their online poll, the readers of D Magazine named Bibbentuckers as the Top Dallas Dry Cleaner for 2013. In their "Best of Big D" poll - readers got to vote on a wide variety of businesses and services that love!

Check out the other winners of "Best of Big D" here.

Bibbentuckers was also honored to be named "Best of Big D" in last year's 2012 Readers Poll - as one customer put it:

"HUGE HUGE thanks to Craig Campbell @ Bibbentuckers Dry Cleaners, of Dallas!! He took 5 of my late daughter's seriously stained dresses & restored them all to Like New Condition, they look FABULOUS!!! They even informed me of the Correct way to store clothing. There's only 1 thing missing, but can't get her from there. I just appreciate so much his hard work. Bibbentuckers truly knows their business, & are a very Giving company, & I'm so blessed to have crossed their path. There was a lot of love put into the restoration of those special outfits my baby once enjoyed. I am extremely grateful...words don't express." 

We work hard to be the best dry cleaner in DFW and we appreciate your comments - thanks readers of D Magazine for voting us #1!

Say “I Do” to Professional Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

You wedding dress is the centerpiece of your wedding day – chose because it, and every detail on it, is perfect for you.  After the wedding is over, your dress commemorates every happy dream and memory of your special day.  But, after a long day of dancing, photo shoots, and champagne toasts, your dress will most likely need a little tender loving care.  Professional cleaning and preservation can ensure that your dress remains as beautiful and elegant as the day you bought it.  Safeguard your dress by choosing a cleaner who is an expert at caring for these most special of garments.  Look for a cleaner who offers:

Free evaluation:  A reputable cleaner will offer a free estimate for the care of any dress.

Pick-up and delivery:  Save yourself time and hassle in the busy days after your wedding by choosing a cleaner who offers pick-up of your gown at the wedding or reception location, and home delivery of your gown after it’s been cleaned.

Hand cleaning:  Expert cleaners hand-treat and clean each gown individually, addressing “invisible” stains like perspiration and champagne with special cleaners to prevent yellowing.  Hand cleaning protects delicate beading, embroidery, and lace.

Expert repairs: Couture level dry cleaners have seamstresses on staff who can repair torn hems, loose beading, or other minor mishaps so that your dress is restored to all its beauty before storage.

Personal inspection:  Your cleaner should welcome your personal inspection of your gown before it is packed away for storage. 

Museum-quality packaging:  Look for a couture-level cleaner who offers archival quality, acid free packaging for your dress to eliminate the risk of yellowing over time.

Preserve your wedding gown for the future and protect your memories for a lifetime by having your dress professionally cleaned and preserved.

Your Dress Shirts: Dry Cleaning vs. Laundering

Friday, May 17, 2013

Has this ever happened to you?  You take your cotton dress shirts to the dry cleaner, expecting to pay to have them laundered (after all, the care label says the shirt is washable).  Instead, the dry cleaner recommends that the shirt should really be dry cleaned.  Confusing?  You bet.  But, there are good reasons why you should heed your cleaner’s advice, not least that you’ll protect your shirt and your appearance if you follow it.

Your dry cleaner is an expert at what he does, and he knows it’s not the actual washing that can damage your shirt, it’s the pressing.  When items are laundered, they are pressed wet at high heat and pressure – up to 80 PSI (pounds per square inch).  Pressing at these extremes can adversely affect some shirts.  For instance, certain dark colors like black and maroon can end up with a “shine” to the fabric, while textures on some higher-end shirts can be altered beyond repair.  In addition, the high heat and pressure can crack and break buttons.

When your couture cleaner advises dry cleaning, he’s suggesting a gentler process that will safeguard the appearance and condition of your shirt.  When items are dry cleaned, they are, in fact, dry when pressed. This means that cleaning professionals can use hand held irons, with gentler pressures and heat settings, to hand finish your shirt and guarantee that you get a perfectly pressed garment.

Not every shirt needs to be dry cleaned, just like not every shirt should be laundered.  When your dry cleaner suggests one treatment or another for your favorite shirt, listen to him.  After all, he’s the expert.

Protect Your Ties: Have Your Ties Dry Cleaned the Right Way

Monday, April 15, 2013

There’s a reason anonymous business executives are called “suits”. It’s because suits, with their relatively narrow selection of colors and cuts, all tend to look the same. Ties on the other hand? Ties offer an infinite variety of patterns, fabrics and colors. A great tie is an upfront announcement that says “this is who I am” and lets your individual flair and personality shine through. 

Unfortunately, it’s that very upfront placement of ties that can lead to problems. Ties are great drip catchers when you’re eating. And, over time, dirt and body oil can build up in the area where the tie is repeatedly knotted. In addition, the very construction of the tie and the way the fabric is cut makes cleaning ties a special skill. 
So, what can you do if you stain your favorite accessory? First, stay away from the water. When you drop food on your tie, resist the urge to dip your napkin in your water glass and rub away. Rubbing can chafe, or damage, the fabric and leave a light spot that is hard to remove. Second, get your tie to an expert dry cleaner that has the skill to return it to its former glory.

It’s important to remember that ties are delicate, from the type of fabric used and the way the fabric is cut, to the various materials used in the internal layers that give it its shape. Correctly cleaning a tie takes skill, knowledge, and attention to detail. A couture level dry cleaner will:
  • Pre-spot your tie using moisture-free cleaning agents so as not to cause colors to bleed or weaken the fabric.
  • Place your tie in a net bag and reduce cleaning and drying times to minimize mechanical actions that can stress and stretch the delicate fabrics.
  • Hang your tie on struts after being removed from the dryer to rest the fabric and stabilize its shape.
  • Hand finish your tie with brushing and gentle steam to eliminate creases and wrinkles.
Next time you dribble a bit of soup on your favorite tie, dab (don’t rub) it gently with a clean, dry cotton cloth to remove as much of the stain as possible, then take it to your couture dry cleaner to have it cleaned the right way.

Think you can clean the spot on your rug? Think again!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

As part of Bibbentuckers' ongoing effort to keep Dallas-area consumers informed about the latest trends and tips in cleaning speciality items - we have included a new article in our "Dry Cleaning Articles" section.

This article discusses how you should NOT count on commercial over-the-counter rug cleaners and spot cleaners to take care of your valuable rugs.

You can actually end up with a greater expense if you don't care for your fine oriental and area rugs correctly. Bring them to any of our locations and Bibbentuckers will help make sure that your rugs are clean, spot-free and in great shape for years to come.

Dry cleaning pricing - Not the only way to compare!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You're looking for more information on how to care for your clothes - and Bibbentuckers delivers with a new "articles" section of

First in the series is "Comparing Dry Cleaners: Price Does Not Equal Cost". We invite you to take a look and see some of the top reasons you want to choose a high-end couture dry cleaner for your valuable clothes. Just a few of the reasons include peace of mind, quality, convenience, and knowledge.

Value and cost are not the same - and Bibbentuckers strives to make your experience the most valuable possible - and the best choice for a dry cleaner in Dallas and beyond.